Melissa Abreu

When she’s not working as an Inbound Marketing Consultant for HubSpot, Melissa enjoys a night spent with friends, wine, sushi and a movie (not always in that order). A graduate of Emmanuel College, she is one of just three original FT members still in the group and when she can, loves to travel.

Dan Campagna

As one of the founding and elder members of FT, Dan is often referred to by the Townies as “Dad”. He was a three sport collegiate athlete at Emmanuel College where he now works fulltime in Athletics. Dan earned his MBA at UMass Boston, serves as the group’s Business Manager and is an avid Boston sports fan.

Mandy Cook

As former MD for UConn’s A Minor and an alumnus of Cape Harmony, Mandy is thrilled to join FT and get her much-needed a cappella fix in Boston! When she’s not working as a Copywriter for EF, Mandy loves to travel, be with friends, eat anything chocolate, & deeply, deeply obsess over Game of Thrones.

Chris Giordano

Having not sung since graduating from the Boston University Dear Abbeys in 2010, Chris decided that life after a cappella retirement was too boring and is excited to be back in the game. When he is not educating the youth of America teaching high school math, he can usually be found in the kitchen.

Jeffrey Herrera

A former MD and beatboxer of the BU BosTones, Jeffrey enjoys visiting breweries, watching too much Netflix, and listening to podcasts and the Wicked/Hamilton soundtracks. What Jeff lacks in 2000’s punk rock knowledge, he makes up for in admiration of his celebrity icon, John Legend.

Garrett Little

The newest member of Fermata Town, Garrett is a recent graduate of Boston College where he served as the music director of the Acoustics. The Washington native (yes people live there!) works as a data analyst and in his spare time eats junk food and annoys his roommates by playing drums in the basement.

Taylor Meltzer

Taylor is currently attending the New England College of Optometry to achieve her dream of being able to say “one, or two?” every day for the rest of her life. While at UConn she sang with A Minor, where she mostly worked on channeling her inner Beyonce, and perfecting her impression of The Long Island Medium.

Anna Miller

A Yale grad, Anna previously sang with Mixed Company, Whim ‘n Rhythm, & Cape Harmony. After 2 weeks without an a cappella group, she filled the void by joining FT. When not singing, Anna works at the Center for Young Women’s Health, helping girls worldwide to properly google their symptoms.

Liz Mongrello

Former Co-Director of Smith College’s Groove A Cappella, Liz is super excited to sing again after pursuing an MS in Student Development. Outside of rehearsal, she’s usually working with her Lola travel team, attempting to run more than a mile at a time, or wishing she were at rehearsal.

Joe Pratolongo

Joe returns to Fermata Town after spending several years in NYC singing with fellow CAL group The Current. A BU grad and former member of the BosTones, Joe is an avid enthusiast of the theater and can often be found singing along to almost any Broadway musical.

Becky Vinci-Campagna

Becky’s a cappella career began with the Girls from the Hill at Stonehill College. She teaches elementary school music with plans to train a future army of Aca-Superstars. When she’s not singing, Becky enjoys very spicy food, trips to the park with her dog, Otis, and drinking more coffee than a human should.

Philipp Walzer

With strong a cappella roots dating back to his Lexington HS days, Philipp currently serves as a Co-MD of FT. As MD of the BU BosTones, he received the Best Arrangement Award at the 2009 ICCA Northeast Quarterfinals. Philipp works as an independent graphic designer, enjoys jazz music and anything that’s German.

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